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Ribes Bedroom House in Sitges

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Ribes Bedroom House in Sitges

It is a 2 storey villa with 4 large bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The living room is large and has double patio doors which lead out on to the garden. There is a large.
Real Estate and Construction Services in Sant Pere de Ribes. Buy and Sell and Rent apartments, houses and premises in Sant Pere de Ribes and Bedrooms.
Find out more about this 4- bedroom house for sale in Sant Pere de Ribes with Buses run direct from Sant Pere to Sitges as well as Vilanova, another lovely.
Ribes Bedroom House in Sitges Had a great time. Sant Pere de Ribes : activités. Lucas Fox Head Office tel. All in all, very easy and pleasant hosts to deal with and a fair price for the property. Renovated house in CAN ROCA.

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